New Customer Tutorial

1.Dear customer,
welcome to the Medicine Center. before you purchase your medicine, please select the language that suits you in the top right corner. Then click on the Register button in the top left corner to enter the new user registration page.

2.This is the new user registration page, please fill in your account and password and click the register button.

3.A message will pop up prompting you to go to your email to activate the registration email. If you don't get the activation email, check your junk mailbox. Or re-register with a different email address.

4.Click on the activation button in the email, then enter your account to log in to the site.

5.1) You can use the search box to find the name of the drug you need

2)You can also find the medication you need in the category section.

3)You can also find the medicine you need by browsing the category Overview page.

4)If you don't find the medication you need, please ask online customer service directly. We are online during business hours. If you are offline, please leave us a message and we will reply to your email the same day!

6.Once you have found the medication you need, please select the quantity and click Add to Cart.

7.After confirming the shopping cart, click the check out button

8.Choose the shipping method you accept and read the instructions.EMS is usually cheaper but slower, DHL is faster but more expensive.

9.Fill in your mailing address. You can leave a bilingual address in the note.Make sure you use your real name or you will be rejected by customs.

10.Select your coupon and choose to place order button.

11.Please watch the video, which will show you how to pay us.

12.Choose a payment method that you accept. Make payment according to the account number we provide. Since we have multiple Alipay accounts, you can contact online customer service to request the latest payment method. Keep your screenshots as proof of payment after successful payment.

13.Please upload a screenshot of your payment. You can upload more than one screenshot. If you fail to do so, you can contact online customer service or send the screenshots to our email with your order number.

14.You will receive an email from us after a successful upload. Our accounting department will verify your payment information and provide you with a shipping number in 2 to 3 business days.

15.Please take the initiative to stay in touch with the EMS/DHL hotline human service. Please provide them with your shipment number and they will give you the latest information and they can also assist you with the customs clearance process. If customs requires you to show a prescription, please also prepare it in advance.

16.When you receive your package, please make a review on the website. If you are satisfied, please also promote us on the internet, it is very important to us.

Sincerely thank you and best wishes.