• Windows 11 update might fix your printer issues, but who knows at this point

    By Mark Mayne last updated 29 October 2021 Microsoft is testing an update for Windows 11 that should remedy multiple printing issues encountered by a large section of users. By Michael Sawh last updated 03 November 2021 You will receive a verification email shortly. Good peak speeds, but falls down with archiving games. The Adizero

  • Roost Smart Battery v. 2.0 Review: Add Smarts to Your Smoke Detector.

    Best smart lock for Nest users. Specifications. This Wi-Fi-connected Roost Smart Battery will send an alert to your smartphone when your smoke detector goes off. That's why it won two 2021 Tom's Guide Awards for Smart Home, too. Reasons to buy. Reasons to buy. You can also open the door by entering a code, and

  • Privado VPN review.

    10GB free plan Unblocks US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ P2P support. A decent VPN with a free option – but there's room for improvement. Audiences will be mad, #mcugh will trend, and parents will be misty-eyed at the thought of simpler times when the rabbit and thunder god were friends. Privado's

  • The best time of the month to buy a new car

    Also, a lot of people visit dealers at the weekend and, the busier the showroom, the less likely you are to get a salesman’s undivided attention. As a result, they won’t be too worried about those targets during the succeeding months, so January, April, July and October are best avoided. Time it right, and you’ll

  • Google Pixel Buds review

    Together with machine learning, it presented its new phones as vessels for pioneering software as opposed to radically progressive hardware. Now for the app. You can even use them as headphones on iOS, but you don’t get Google Assistant. Only the best deals on the best products handpicked by our expert editors There’s also the